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Laetitia Gazel Anthoine

Founder and CEO

Laetitia is the founder and CEO at Connecthings
Connecthings is the European leader in NFC tag, QR codes and iBeacon management systems. Connecthings is a global physical beacon hub platform that connects smartphones to their environment through beacons deployed on public furniture or buildings. This solution changes the ways we interact with the city: simply by coming near a beacons e.g. at a bus stop or on a shop window, users get access to contextualized contents and services (bus schedule, discounts, event of the day) on their mobile phone. This allows to smartly connect the passive physical world to relevant digital content, making objects active with a minimal investment. “By using visible, practical contactless points that offer relevant information, the ‘Barcelona Contactless’ initiative is a very concrete implementation of the ‘Smart City’ approach of Barcelona”, confirms Sergi Jerez, E-government Director of Barcelona City Council. 

Connecthings is based in New York, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Rio de Janeiro. 

Prior to Connecthings, Laetitia worked for mobile operators, solution providers and major device manufacturers. In 1999 she managed the implementation of the first Mobile internet gateway for Orange. In 2001, she founded a consultancy company to provide operational support in mobile value added services implementation. Her vision of the mobile internet and the internet of things took Laetitia to found Connecthings in 2007. 

In 2011, Women Business Mentoring Initiative selected Laetitia to enter the WBMI mentoring program. Today, Laetitia is proud to be part of WBMI as a mentor.

Laetitia is an engineer, Supelec High School 1994.

Laetitia is member of INRIA board. 
Public science and technology institution established in 1967, Inria is the only public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences. Combining computer sciences with mathematics, Inria’s 3,449 researchers strive to invent the digital technologies of the future