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Jonathan Stein

Founder and CEO
I'm an engineer. My "polestar" is efficiency. I find that transparency, reliability, process, and fairness are often guideposts on the route to efficiency. What excites me most about my work is making everyday activities and products more intuitive, accessible, and delightful, so that people get more from them with less investment (of time, dollars, or effort), i.e., making them more efficient.

In my years of experience with banks and brokers, I learned their inner workings, how to build better products, and how to get the word out about those products. I found the financial and banking world to be slow to change, poorly designed, and lacking sufficient transparency or convenience. Then and now, my interests lie at the intersection of economics, psychology, and design.

At Betterment.com, we make life better: we save people time and money and empower them to reach their important goals faster. We power the pursuit of happiness.